Another year without a direct hurricane strike, but we didn't go unscathed

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - This is the seventh year in a row South Florida has escaped a direct hit from a hurricane this season.
But we were reminded  that it doesn't take a direct hit from a hurricane to cause major damage.

"I've lived down here for over 20 years and all the previous hurricanes that we had haven't been so damaging and affective, where as the tropical storm Isaac we were stranded for ten days, we couldn't leave our house for a week and a half, it was unbelievable, " Stephanie Issac said about her Loxahatchee residence.

Tropical Storm Isaac came through at the end of August and swamped most of our western communities, like Stephanie's neighborhood in Loxahatchee.  Some areas received 25 inches of rain which caused widespread flooding for days.

The water has receded but the clean-up is still ongoing, along with waiting for the financial aid.

"We're basically just waiting right now on our insurance and federal assistance to help aid us with all our damages, " said Stephanie.

As we were winding down the season, Superstorm Sandy formed at the end of October, reminding us that hurricane season lasts through November.  While the majority of the damage was to the north, in New York and New Jersey, South Florida did not escape unscathed when sandy brushed our coast.

A resident of Manalapan said  "I mean we've gone through Frances,  Jean and Wilma, and probably a few more that I don't remember and we've had minimal damage. This is the most damage we've ever had from a storm."

All that and Sandy didn't get closer than about 150 miles offshore.

Stephanie Issac isn't going to take any chances. Now another season is behind us, and it's never too early to prepare for the next.

"It's nice that it's the end of the hurricane season because we can relax a bit but we're definitely going to be prepared for next hurricane season when it come back around next season that's for sure, " said Stephanie.

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