Protest against American Airlines at Palm Beach International Airport

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Travelers at Palm Beach International Airport were met with protesters Monday.

Some American Airlines employees were protesting the airlines' efforts to end union contracts while they try to restructure in bankruptcy court.

Instead of inside a plane, flight attendants were on a median at PBIA protesting against their own company.

"We're just hard working middle class people trying to make a living," said Robin Hamalainen.
Hamalainen is a mother of two and 30 year veteran flight attendant. She says attempts by American Airlines to end their labor contracts puts her family in jeopardy.

"Everyone knows it's difficult to raise children now; it's heartbreaking they can treat us like this," says Hamalainen.

American Airlines filed bankruptcy and is now hoping to void its labor contracts to save even more money.
That means 13,000 workers could possibly be laid off. Others face a cut in pay and the risk of other benefits being lost.

"We could sit in a city for 4 days and they don't have to pay us for time away from base. We only get paid for when we're flying," says Julie Moyer.
The chief executive blames the financial woes on rising oil prices.
While the contracts may only effect the workers, those on the picket line say service experienced by passengers could suffer.

"We know why people fly, because of us." "You can't give a premium product when you're exhausted," says Moyer.

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