A worker at a repo lot says the plane came within feet of hitting him, the NTSB investigates

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. - NTSB investigators continue to try and determine what caused a plane crash that killed three people near the Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport Friday.

The plane killed pilot Steven Waller. Two flight engineers were also on the plane identified as Wally Watson of Boca and his son Kevin Watson.

Friends on Monday said that Kevin Watson was supposed to get married this week.

Family at the Watson home did not want to speak on camera, but said they were in the process of making arrangements.

At the repo lot near the airport where the plane went down, employees were counting their blessings.

"The plane hit the ground feet from me. I heard the engines and then felt the explosion and ran behind a few cars," Sean Riley says.

Riley was working on a car about twenty feet from where the plane crashed.

"As soon as I looked I saw the fire. The heat was so intense that I ran between the cars. I was hit by shrapnel, but I'm okay," Riley said.

Riley's boss, Terry Knowles, was on the other side of the parking lot and heard the explosion.

"He missed the power lines right behind us and then crashed right near us. Really, he is a hero because he missed all the buildings," Knowles said.

The repo yard says they had about $300,000 in damage, but they say their main concern is the victims' families.

"The property damage means nothing. Everything is replaceable. Unfortunately, their lives are not replaceable…. especially to their families," Knowles said.

The plane is registered to a company called Miami Aviation Specialists. Representatives at the office said the owner was being questioned by the NTSB on Monday.

A spokesman for the NTSB says they're hoping to have a preliminary crash report within the next week.

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