$500 million Powerball jackpot, office pool know-how

PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla. - The Powerball jackpot has risen to an estimated $500 million. The record-breaking amount has people across the country racing to buy tickets, and many coworkers are pooling resources to buy multiple tickets in "office pools."

All fifteen employees at Tower Optical are in a pool at the office in Boynton Beach.

Beth Pastorino, Office Manager, says every time the jackpot gets to be more than $100 million, the office starts a pool. The monster $500 million jackpot won't be the first time the group plays.

"Every time it's big, somebody will come around and say, five dollars for the pool," she explained.

Tower Optical staff have a common approach. 

Linda Weaver, QA Inspector, explained the inter-office contract as "Word of mouth, we trust each other."

Attorney Daniel S. Rosenbaum, Managing Shareholder at Rosenbaum Mollengarden PLLC, says office pools that don't have a written contract can mean winnings get tied up in court.

Rosenbaum suggests players make rules in writing, outlining how the money will be split and if it should be re-invested for more tickets. Otherwise, he says, a coworker could make a claim on your money.

"Everybody always remembers the winning part, and they don't remember the losing part. And the losing part is that you can lose what you win," he said.

Also to consider, according to Rosenbaum, are office rules. Some workplaces frown on lotto pools.

Connie Duggan, a QA Inspector, says it's important to play and she trusts her coworkers.

"I wouldn't want to be left out, and like, everybody else gets to retire and i have to stay here," she laughed.

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