The state of Florida is auctioning off unclaimed property

Includes cash and jewelry

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. - Gold, silver, jewels, furs, antiques and much more sit unclaimed in a secure state vault. The state is trying to find the owners.

Florida Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater says many people don't even know it's there. "Maybe it was a deposit they made for their last apartment or utility, final paycheck. Maybe it was a family member they did not know had an unclaimed property in a safety deposit box."

The bank holds the items for three years… then the state keeps them two more. If no one has claimed the items they're auctioned off. The money goes to education.

The state has a website to help you find property you may not even know about. Just go to Click on the search unclaimed property button. And type in your name. If you find a match follow the next six steps to verify you're the rightful owner.

I looked and found cash for Whitney Ray…. But it's a different Whitney… the item is an unclaimed paycheck.

The website has seen a spike in recent months as the price of gold and silver has soared to record highs.

"We didn't really adjust the reserve prices too much to reflect the increase in gold prices, so because of that very reason we could go even higher," said Walter Graham with the Bureau of Unclaimed Property.

And plenty of gold has yet to be claimed.

The auction is set to begin at 10 a.m. Saturday September 17th in Ponte Vedra Beach. 34-thousand items will be auctioned off. For more information on the auction or to see if you have unclaimed property visit

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