Prices barely dip this Thanksgiving for fuel and food costs

A new survey recently released shows that consumers will pay slightly less this Thanksgiving when it comes to feeding their families or driving to visit others.

According to the American Farm Bureau Federation, the cost to feed a family of ten this Thanksgiving is slightly down. A meal will is estimated to cost $49.04, just 44 cents less than last year.

Economists said, overall grocery prices are down about one-tenth of a percent since January.

Researchers with USDA's Economic Research Service, credit the drop in prices to stable commodity and fuel prices, which are strong drivers of what people pay at the store.

Most traditional thanksgiving food items will cost about the same as last year , except for the turkey which may rise due to demand.

If you plan on traveling to see family instead, AAA said consumers may save more money by driving.

The national average is currently at $3.19 a gallon.

Gas prices are 25 cents cheaper than they were a year ago.

The travel tracking company said gas prices have dropped in the last few years, a few weeks before the holiday.

Airfare prices are up by 9.5% from last Thanksgiving to $313, according to the Airlines Reporting Corp.

Stats for September at Amtrak show, prices are up by more than 4% over a year ago.

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