Helpful apps to help you get through the holidays

(WXYZ) - The last few weeks of the year can be pretty overwhelming. Here are a few apps to help you get through the craziness of the holidays.

1. It seems like every store, website and brand has its own app these days. If you want to consolidate, check out . It's a free app that allows you to search thousands of Black Friday deals for every major retail store. You can also create a personal shopping list, compare prices, shop online for items that may be available before Black Friday and get instant notifications when a new Black Friday deal is announced.

2. While you're using your smartphone to find deals and steals, you might consider an app from to monitor your spending and stay on top of those bills.

3. Whether you're hitting the road, the rails or flying the friendly skies, TripIt helps you organize all your travel plans in one spot.

4. One of the hardest parts of cooking up the holiday meal is making sure everything is ready at the same time! The iFeast app helps you coordinate your dishes so everything is piping hot when it's time to chow down.

Know of another useful holiday app? Leave us the details in the comments section below.


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