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Did you ever go to the grocery store and say: "Darn! I left my coupons at home?"

Now, if you have a smartphone, you no longer have to worry. One coupon mom showed us how she saves big money with the latest apps.

Smartphone a Top Coupon Source

Andrea Deckard of Butler County, Ohio, has turned saving money into a full time job. Her Mommy Blog, "The Savings Lifestyle" now has a national following.

But while Andrea still clips paper coupons, her smartphone is becoming a top coupon source.

Andrea uses a free app called "Coupon Sherpa." It lets her search for general grocery coupons or a specific store.

Andrea said "it's an awesome thing for me as I'm a busy mom. For instance, maybe I forgot that needed to go into Children's Place for a sale. I can go to my phone and see what coupons are out there."

Then she just shows her phone to the cashier. Does it work? She said "I've only been denied one time when I show a cashier a coupon on my phone."

Two similar coupon apps are MobiQpons, and Cellfire. Cellfire has a deal with Kroger to distribute their coupons.

Comparison Apps

But Andrea doesn't simply use her phone for coupons. She has another free app called "Shop Savvy" that lets her compare prices.

She stopped in the vacuum cleaner aisle of a local big box store and told me "Here's a Dyson. It's in a lot of stores, and if you scan the bar code it will tell you the prices at each retailer."

So she scanned the vacuum cleaner's bar code, and found the lowest price of $494, compared to the $549 tag we were looking at. She says you have two options then: drive to the second store, or ask the first for a price match.

Similar comparison apps are "Compare Everywhere," and "Red Laser" which cost $1.99.

They're just some of the latest hi tech ways this coupon mom saves at the store.

Don't Forget Store Apps

While Cellfire offers coupons from grocery chains like Kroger and Safeway, more and more grocery stores are adding apps of their own, with coupons.

If you primarily shop one chain, those can be a big source of savings, so you don't waste your money.


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