Yum Yum Express, Rex's Coffee and Restaurant: Roaches shut down two South Florida restaurants

Yum Yum Express blames pest control company

WEST PALM BEACH - Inspectors shut down two restaurants in our area for roaches, and it's not the first time inspectors found pests inside these kitchens.

Rex’s Coffee and Restaurant (209 SE 2 Ave., Delray Beach) was shut down for roaches which inspectors say were crawling from the walls. The owner of Rex's spoke to the Consumer Watchdog by phone, as his place is still closed after yet another pest control treatment. Inspectors have been out of there three times in the last week checking on the roach infestation. In October of 2013, inspectors found over 100 dry rodent droppings inside the kitchen. The owners said this time he's getting the problem under control.

Yum Yum Express (931 Village Blvd. Suite 906, West Palm Beach) was shut down for the second time in four months for roaches. The Chinese restaurant was fined $400 for the December issues, and roaches are still crawling around the kitchen. According to inspectors, they also found an old rodent dropping. Mr. Cheng, the owner, blamed the pest control company he hired for not cleaning up the mess, and said they turned him into the state. Cheng said he was going to call the Consumer Watchdog to report the pest control company, and went on to say he did see roaches on the floor by the back door of the restaurant. The restaurant was also told to remove a pig they were thawing in the water in the sink because that could make it potentially hazardous to eat.


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