What happens when an online retailer makes a mistake with product for purchase?

WEST PALM BEACH - Checking prices online at a variety of websites is part of Diane Gonzalez's shopping routine.

"A lot of the best prices appear to be online," explained Gonzalez.

Especially for big ticket items like the iPad Gonzalez bought for her daughter.

"They were all right around $299," explained Gonzalez.

Gonzalez bought it from Walmart because it appeared to come with accessories like a smart cover, wireless keyboard, and camera connection kit.

While listed online, they were not in the delivered package.

"I thought possibly they were backordered," explained Gonzalez.

When Gonzalez asked Walmart about the order, she learned those accessories were not on their way.

"I was pretty much told from the start they weren't included. I was mistaken. Fortunately we took a screenshot of the accessories when we placed the order," explained Gonzalez.

That proof didn't do the trick.

"It clearly says the accessories were included so I don't see how we could've misunderstood," explained Gonzalez.

Walmart didn't budge in November either when a computer glitch slashed prices selling computer monitors for $9.

The retail giant canceled the orders angering shoppers even though it's in the fine print. So what happens when the mistake involves the details of the ad like "accessories included" when they are not included.

I didn't see a mention of it in the fine print, and brought this to Walmart's attention which changed everything.

"I received a call from Walmart," explained Hooper.

They gave her gift cards worth $200.

"I greatly appreciate what you did for us and my daughter thanks you also. It turned out to be a good ending for us," explained Gonzalez.

Several retailers and airlines have been hit by these pricing glitches. Airlines often honor the too good to be true deals, but  retailers aren't always as generous.

You know the saying, we can all say it together, if it sounds too good to be true it probably is.

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