West Palm Beach ID theft victim said thieves used her old information to get into her new account

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - As a first time mom, Jennifer Stacey has her hands full with her 17-month-old daughter. She got so busy with her daughter she left her wallet in the car making it easy for a thief to grab.

"I made one bad mistake, and here I am two months later still paying for it," Stacey explained.

Stacey canceled her accounts two months ago thinking that would protect her. She said it didn't work.

"I realized I was missing over $1,400," said Stacey.

Stacey said multiple phone calls to the bank revealed the problem.

"Instead of realizing that the account was flagged for fraudulent activity they then let them into my new account to take out money. So they've now jeopardized my new bank account," said Stacey.

The thieves allegedly got into the new account with Stacey's old license and old bank card. She is now cancelling that account and changing all her automatic bill payments once again.

TD Bank wouldn't comment on this case due to privacy issues, but said the bank uses a number of controls to verify account and customer information. For security reasons, the bank would not give specific details.

When there is suspicious activity, the bank said it alerts the authorities and conducts and internal investigation.

TD Bank refunded Stacey's money.

The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Department is investigating this case, and has requested the tapes from that incident.

"It's definitely a nightmare," said Stacey.

Restoring your good name is time-consuming once you're a victim of identity theft so it's best to prevent it.

Shredding is one of the best ways to keep your identity safe.

That's why NewsChannel 5 is hosting a free shredding event tomorrow from 6 a-m to 6:30 p-m at the Palm Beach Kennel Club (1111 North Congress Avenue, West Palm Beach).

You can bring up to six boxes of documents to shred.

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