Verizon Selects collects and shares web browsing, location, and app usage on some customers

WEST PALM BEACH - Some Verizon customers are getting a privacy notice that has them asking lots of questions about what the cell phone company is doing with their personal information.

This notice uses technical words like "Customer Proprietary Network Information." It's a mouthful, and the notice is confusing. I'm watching out for you, and got Verizon to explain what this letter really means.

Verizon is asking some customers to participate in a program called " Verizon Selects ." This records non-specific information like your web browsing, app usage, and location. Verizon says demographic or identifying information is not collected.

The data helps Verizon identify usage patterns that may be sold to outside marketing firms and used to improve your customer experience. It's an opt out program, so if you do nothing and ignore the privacy notice you'll be enrolled in the program and may begin receiving marketing messages and offers. The offers may come through the mail, email, text, or Internet and mobile advertising.

You have a month to opt out before data collection begins, and once you're enrolled you can opt out any time. If you join the program, information will be kept for up to three years. You can ask at any time for your historical data to be deleted.

Verizon Selects won't gather information in emails, texts, or secure online transactions.

Check your mailbox carefully and always read these privacy notices so you understand what's happening to your personal information. That way you can choose what happens to your data, and not a corporate company.

If you have questions about an offer you received when you agreed to participate in Verizon Selects, you can call (866) 948-2713.  

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