Verizon rewards program wants to be able to track your movements

May have to give up some privacy to get rewards

Verizon is launching a new rewards program, but you may have to give up some of your privacy to take part.

To earn points with Verizon’s new Smart Rewards program, you have to agree to allow the company to track your movements.

They want to be able to do that to target advertising for you that match your interests.

You’ll earn points for dollars spent at Verizon. Those points can be used for discounts on hotel rooms and car rentals or to buy items from a Verizon catalog.

A tech expert says allowing companies to track your movements will allow you to filter out the items you may not want to see.

“It does have some helpful qualities that right now seem spooky,” said tech expert Craig Agranoff.  “But as the future comes along and we’ve done things a little more regularly, it’ll be acceptable.”

A Verizon spokesperson says advertisers won't get any personally identifiable information on customers.

There are ways you can opt out of being tracked by your cell phone.  For a step-by-step process click on either iPhone or Android .

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