Two pasta cooking products put to the test to find out: Does it Really Do That?

CLEVELAND - There are some products out there that claim to make cooking pasta easier. But do they really do that?

Chuck Gamble likes to cook, and when he does, he has to make enough to feed seven people. So he was eager to try two kitchen products that offer to make his time in the kitchen a little easier.  

The Chef Basket calls itself the 12 in one kitchen tool, while the PastaBoat says it makes perfect pasta in the microwave, and holes in the lid let you drain out the water.

Gamble liked that the PastaBoat could be used for other things, like steaming vegetables.

"I don't want something where you're going to use it for just pasta and that's it," Gamble said.

Measuring the angel hair with the handles on turned out to be a little tricky. The PastaBoat cooked the pasta in the microwave in 14 minutes, but the boat was warm to the touch making it hard to get out of the microwave.

Then, while draining the water, some of the hot water came through the seam on the lid and onto Gamble's hand. As for how the pasta turned out, Gamble said it was watery and mushy. 

The Chef's Basket can be used in different ways too, including as a strainer, a colander and a deep-frying basket. Gamble had to break the pasta to get it in the basket, something he didn't have to do with the PastaBoat, and some of the pieces still fell out.

"Maybe ziti or macaroni or something like that that would work," Gamble said.

While some of the pasta fell into the pot and a few pieces stuck to the basket, most of the pasta made it into the bowl. When we tried potatoes, the basket sat so high in the pan so the handles stay cool that only a few of the potatoes actually sat in the water.

Gamble said he would buy the Chef Basket if the price was right. It cost us just under $15 at Walmart. For just under $5 we bought the PastaBoat, but Gamble said he probably wouldn't buy it because of safety issues.

But you never know until you give these products a try.

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