Top 5 cutting edge car safety technologies

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Distracted driving crashes are becoming more common these days and car manufacturers are developing safety technology to combat the problem.

"More and more folks are coming in and requesting the advanced technology, the safety technology that's built into the vehicles these days," said Earl Stewart Toyota internet Sales Manager Joe Principato.

Principato helped us with the list of the top 5 new car safety technologies, starting with:

1. Entune For directions and more just speak the command and Entune will guide you through without distraction. "Most important thing, it helps the driver keep focused on the road so that he doesn't have to take his eyes off the road, he doesn't have to take his hand off the wheel.

2.  Easy fill tire alert system Quite simply, you get three beeps of the horn when you filled it up too much and one when you filled it up just right.  You can find this in some Nissan models.

3. Hydrophobic windows You can find them in some KIA models. These side windows shed water like a duck so they could be very useful in South Florida, making for a clear view through rainy season and storms.

4.  Lane-keep assist When you go fast enough and move out of your lane, you hear that alert so you can get back on track. We were shown this new technology in a Toyota Highlander.

5. Pedestrian detection This is available in some Volvos. If a person or even a bicyclist walks in front of the path of the vehicle, you’ll hear an alert and the brakes will immediately stop the car.