The National Insurance Crime Bureau releases list of hottest cars stolen across the country and FL

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - It’s a list every driver dreds. The list of the most stolen cars.  While the Honda Accord may be the most stolen car in America, Florida thieves are going after something else, the full sized Ford pickup. Specifically the 2006 model.

Several victims weren't surprised to hear that vehicle type made the list after their trucks were stolen.Jason Boland said having the tools he needs in construction goes a long way.

But one of his most important tools, his F250 Ford truck was stolen back in May, in his neighborhood overnight.

"I use it every day for work and I had tools in it and thank God I had taken the tools out for the evening and used it to pull trailers and what not and no longer have the truck,” said Boland.

Boland’s truck was recovered in Belle Glade a few weeks later.

"No doors, no tires, nothing, no motor. No front end, no back end nothing so.” He said. “From what I understand, they probably stole it for the parts, motor and piece it out, piece by piece."

Boland is not surprised to hear that the National Insurance Crime Bureau put Ford full size pickup trucks at the top of the list of most popular vehicle stolen in Florida.

He said his friend, Jeff Hogue, had his truck stolen a few weeks before him.

"They're targeting easy suspect trucks,” said Hogue.

Hogue said the motors in the trucks are in high demand.

“You think your leaving your keys in a safe truck and they can get into that key pad with new electronic devices very easily and unlock it,” said Hogue.

No matter what kind of vehicle you drive, car alarm companies said, there are ways to protect yourself and your vehicle.

Dave Ekstrom, with 60 Minute Auto Tint, said a number of after factory devices can help or even deter a thief from driving off with your ride.

Some devices include an audio sensor, which detects if someone is tapping or breaking your window. There's also digital sensors to alert if the car is lifted or moved. And there’s motion sensors.

Ekstrom said majority of these devices have an ignition kill switch.

"Once they're set by any kind of motion, shock or anything like that, they'll go off and ignition kill kicks in and then you can't start the vehicle and get away with it,” said Ekstrom.

The latest anti-theft security device is an app called the Smart Start app.  Not only does it unlock and start your car from your phone, but it will alert you if your alarm goes off.

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