The best ways to dress cheap for Halloween

Halloween is the third most expensive holiday behind Christmas and Valentine's Day.

That can be a frightening thought. So here are some ways to dress for less this Halloween.

There are so many stores that have jumped on the halloween costume bandwagon and some of the prices make me want to scream. But looking off the beaten path can help you create the perfect Halloween look for a fraction of the price.

My first stop was Goodwill. They have dozens of pre-made costumes that are half off the original price, but i like to exercise my creative flair when it comes to dressing up.

Frankenstein was my son's choose, so the first thing i did was find a picture online and print it out so we could fine tune the details.

We found the jacket and pants at Goodwill for $1 a piece. Walmart's face paint was also $1. We got black and green plus a few bucks for the black hair spray. His neck bolts are a headband covered in pantyhose with a sliced cork glued to each side. Total cost: $6.

I've also created County Dracula. I try to build on the clothes he already has. The cape was 50 cents at a yard sale. The only other purchase was the face paint, vampire teeth and fake blood. Out of pocket total: $6.50.

I found a batman costume for $2 at a yard sale years ago and held onto it until it fit my son. Hand-me-downs come in handy. My daughter looks adorable in the same goat outfit her big brother wore five years ago.

Dollar stores have inexpensive accessories that can complete your look for less. Craigslist has dozens of costumes for sale for kids and adults -- with new ones added every day.

The stores will start discounting the costumes the closer we get to Halloween, so it you're brave enough to wait, you could get a better deal.

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