Taxpayers facing delays getting tax transcripts for student loans & mortgages

IRS related identity theft is a growing problem

WEST PALM BEACH - The government is trying to fix a massive and costly problem related to your identity. Thieves are filing fake tax returns with your personal information, and preventing the fraud is taxing the system.

The lines at the IRS are so long, taxpayers begin lining up two hours before the doors open in West Palm Beach. It's hardly the only Florida office with delays.

"You go there and stand in line for like 4 hours," said Marques Napier.

Napier is a Riviera Beach resident who spent four hours at the Tallahassee IRS office, where he's a college student. His mom called the Consumer Watchdog for help, because Napier didn't get a tax transcript despite the long wait. He needs the transcript to complete his financial aid application.

"Time's running out," Napier said.

We put Napier in touch with his Congressman. It's your best bet to get answers from the IRS. Click here to find your Congressman . We've also alerted his college.

"I hate to use the dirty word sequester, but you know the budget cuts in Washington have hurt every single agency," Congresswoman Lois Frankel explained.

Frankel is not Napier's representative, but she's pushing for change with the IRS. She believes Washington needs to give the tax agency more money to fight refund fraud and the subsequent delays.

The tax agency wants $100 million more next year to deal with the problem.

"Listen what you are doing today is really an important step because consumer awareness is really part of the solution," Frankel explained.

Napier hopes a solution comes in time for the fall semester, so he's not another statistic.

"It's very important to get this degree because there are not many black guys like me from the urban community going to college," Napier said.

Universities encourage students to get their financial aid forms done early, often by March 1, because funds are limited. Florida A&M University is working with Napier and he should have an answer in a few weeks.

The University said more and more students and parents are becoming ID theft victims, and there are procedures in place to help them secure the right paperwork.

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