Sun protection made easy? Drinkable sunscreen called Harmonized H20 put to the test

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. - Sunscreen made easy. Could just a few drops  added to your water add up?

Soaking up the hot summer sun means spraying on sunscreen.

"It comes off then you have to reapply," said Nicole Frizzi.

She and her friends know the risks if they don't reapply.

"I actually had stage two melanoma," explained Whitney Smith.

Dermatologists call the cancer an epidemic.

"They told me if i would have waited a couple months I may not have been as lucky," explained Smith.

After their friends close call, the friends want to protect themselves. However, they wish there was an easier way.

"I mean sunscreen you can drink and not have to put on and get all sweaty and gross I think it will be wonderful if it works," explained Frizzi.

Drinkable sunscreen is not a far fetched idea.

Harmonized Water promises to offer UV protection by neutralizing the UV rays.

To find out if it works, we put it to the test with twins in Tampa and Frizzi and her friend in Delray Beach.

One woman in each group drank the harmonized water putting two millimeters of the special water in 2 ounces of regular water an hour before heading to the beach.

"It had no taste," Frizzi said.

The other woman used regular sunscreen.

After an hour, the results were mixed.

In Tampa, one twin saw redness in her arms.

No red flags after one hour in Delray Beach.

"It feels good. I don't feel like I'm getting red or anything," explained Frizzi.

After two hours in the sun and surf, Frizzi felt the burning begin.

"I feel like my arms are getting burnt or getting more sun," explained Frizzi.

Harmonized Water says to take this product with water every 4 hours while in the sun.

The results are not surprising to Boca Raton board certified dermatologist Dr. Stefan Weiss.

"There's no evidence to suggest on the bottle itself that it works," explained Weiss. "It didn't seem that there were any ingredients that were suggestive of sun protection."

The company stands behind the product, and says in a clinical study 16 out of 24 patients did not burn during a test.

It's not the only product offering sun protection. There is a melon extract and another product that is a pill from a plant extract.

Weiss isn't buying in yet, but thinks there may be a day someday where there's a product on the horizon that would convince him.

"The reality is that I can't understand why science couldn't necessarily figure this out," explained Weiss.

Something the Delray Beach women in our test look forward to.

The drinkable sunscreen can be found at local spas, but the price tag concerned our testers.

It's $30 for about 50 uses.

Full company statement:
UV Neutralizer, like all sunscreens, provides a majority of the protection your skin needs. However, it is in partnership with the skin's innate protection mechanisms. This means that all sunscreens are limited by the immune strength of the user. This is why so many people burn even when sunscreen is used.

This test proves we have created a drinkable sunscreen. Based on three years of sales and hundreds of testimonials, we know that the amount of time one can stay in the sun is highly variable based on health and medication. The tester in this case appears to be able to handle 90 minutes but many can handle several hours.  We believe UV Neutralizer is a better option than chemical sunscreens because it covers the whole body and does not cause inflammation in the skin like these poorly studied chemicals do.

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