Stephen Bonanno Sandals responds to complaints on Facebook after Consumer Watchdog story

Attorney General investigating the sandal maker

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - We're seeing more promises from the nationally known Palm Beach County sandal maker whom customers say hasn’t fulfilled orders in months.

Stephen Bonanno has been silent for many of those months, but when the Consumer Watchdog began asking questions he responded once. Since our story aired revealing the Attorney General is investigating, someone has been quite active on his Facebook page. There have been three posts in just the last 24 hours.

One post reads, “I've spoken with quite a few customers letting us know they have received there (sic) sandals.”

While there are a lot of people who have responded that they're still waiting, there have been no posts from people who confirm that they've received sandals.

The Consumer Watchdog received pictures from one woman whose sandals arrived at her Wisconsin home in May. She says they were dirty and damaged.

Another poster asked why Bonanno is making promises now after being silent for months.

Bonanno responded, "To respond to why now: We have always been producing the sandals for Jan 2013, Production did not stop except during our move, We had a 50% off sale January 19th 2013, which was different than our two normally schedule sales we have every year. This sale was to give back to our loyal customer for 50 years of service. We in the past forecast new the estimate number of order to expect with no cap on sale date. Well we were wrong, We gave and estimated delivery date as we always have. Never could we have imagined the out enormous amount of that day, It said a lot about our company product. You can imagine how wonderful that was. However the don fall was that I could produce the orders by date given. So we let our customers down, our greatest apologies to you all. We are trying to make up for our human error, which that is all it was, Wrong planning. We have learned a lot from our customers as well as our mistakes. We are just trying to get thru it and as you to the same. For all that have not received a refund .You will receive your orders. For those who have received there sandals thank you and please let Facebook know. We will do our best to keep Facebook up dated. Our number one priority is filling these orders."

There are also phone numbers and email addresses posted and requests that people reach out to the sandal maker.

There are many responses from people saying their emails have bounced back. Bonanno's website also says it expired just three days ago.

We've been reaching out to Bonanno and his fiancée asking them to show us the orders they’re sending out. They haven’t agreed to do that, but the offer still stands.


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