State shuts down 3 restaurants / bar and tells others to stop selling hazardous food

WEST PALM BEACH - Three restaurants are shut down for roaches or rats, and several others are forced to throw away their food.

Cheap prices keep customers coming back to King's Super Buffet, 4720 Okeechobee Blvd in West Palm Beach.

"It's one of the better Chinese restaurants around," said Donald Waterman. "The quantity, cleanliness, the service everything. Everything is nice."

State inspectors have a different opinion.

They found 45 health and sanitation violations and shut down the restaurant for roaches.

Inspectors found live and dead roaches near the Sushi bar, and dead ones near that tasty buffet that customers crave.

"Usually I go there very hungry. I don't really pay attention to these things, but I definitely think I should pay more attention," said customer Sara Marquez.

"Florida has a lot of roaches but they should have taken care of it sooner than that," said Waterman.
The restaurant said it cleaned up the roaches and had a pest control company visit.

Follow-up inspections show the roaches are gone. Click here to read their recent inspection reports .

Inspectors also found the pesky pests at Mediterranean Kebob House, 1676 S Federal Highway in Delray Beach.

According to the report, 30 dead roaches were found in a trap and cleaned up immediately.

The owner blamed the issue on construction, and that he's been in business for 15 years and never had a problem. The restaurant is back open.

Click here to read Mediterranean Kebob House recent inspection reports .

"I was wondering if you were going to come by I was hoping you would," said Pepe Brown.

Brown owns Pepe's Hideaway, 1045 E Atlantic Ave in Delray Beach. The bar was temporarily closed after an inspector saw a live rodent, rub marks, and droppings.

Brown said he cleaned up the kitchen, and fixed the hole in the wall and ceiling. 

"We happen to be one of the oldest bars on the avenue and one of the oldest buildings on the avenue. Being next to the water, the Intracoastal, not so much the ocean, when it rains a lot around here we get rodents and stuff that will come out of the ground."

Brown said when it rains the rodents find their way into old buildings along the Intracoastal.

"They were just looking for food," Brown said.

But, the rats didn't find any food because Pepe's kitchen is empty. Food isn't sold there on a regular basis.

The owner keeps his restaurant license just in case he changes his mind.

Click here to read recent inspection reports for Pepe's Hideaway .

Rodent droppings don't lead to shutdown

An inspector also found rodent droppings at Granger's, 215 NE 6 Avenue in Delray Beach. Twenty rodent droppings were found in the kitchen area. The manager said the problem was corrected.

Stop sales

Several restaurants were forced to throw away food.

House of Cheung, 499 NE 20th Street in Boca Raton had to stop selling food due to temperature issues. Management said it fixed the problem. There was an issue with the cooler.

Bru's Room Sports Grill, 1333 N Congress Avenue in Boynton Beach, had to throw away six, five gallon buckets of chicken wings. The manager said they pre-cook the wings to expedite lunch service times. They prepared too many wings, got busy at lunch, and didn't get rid of the wings before the inspector arrived.

Red Corner Asian Bistro, 251 S US Highway 1 in Jupiter, was issued a stop sale for food that was stored in ice used for drinks. Also, the restaurant was cited for an issue with raw or undercooked fish that did not undergo proper parasite destruction. The restaurant was told to get a letter from the purveyors to clear up the issue.

Santo's Pizza Restaurant, 10075 S Federal Highway in Port St Lucie, had to stop selling food that was potentially hazardous.

Top violators

Fried Rice & Wings, 1545 W Blue Heron Blvd in Riviera Beach had 46 violations which is the most for the week. Eleven of the issues were a high priority. Click here to read the inspection report .

Singing Bamboo West, 2845 N Military Trail #11 in West Palm Beach had 43 violations. Eight of the issues were a high priority. The owner is out of town on vacation in Hong Kong, and described the issues as minor. He said the inspector came after a major delivery. Another employee at the restaurant said the restaurant has some old equipment, and will work to replace it. Click here to read the inspection report .

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