Starbucks 'Secret Menu' includes Captain Crunch, Oreo Frappuccino, The Nutella, Chocolate Pumpkin

Look up at the Starbucks menu - order one of your standard drinks, off you go.

It's a typical routine for many customers who stick with what they know and don't change it up.

But if you're getting tired of your dark roast or macchiato, it's time you learn the ‘secrets' of Starbucks.

With names like ‘Captain Crunch' or ‘Chocolate Pumpkin,' some drinks on the Starbucks ‘Secret Menu' sound more like sugary kids' breakfasts than mixed coffee drinks.

The ‘secret' items are mostly just mixtures of different ingredients that you may never have thought of combining. For instance, a ‘Raspberry Cheesecake' is a white chocolate mocha with a few pumps of raspberry syrup. If you're an Oreo fan, there's the ‘Oreo Frappuccino,' a double chocolate chip frappe with white mocha syrup substituted for the regular mocha.

Your local barista may or may not know the secret code names but as long as you know the ingredients that go into the drinks you should be set for a Starbucks switch up.

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