South Florida Thai restaurant shut down due to roaches and rodents, according to state inspectors

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - A complaint led state inspectors to Bankgkok O' Cha on Palm Beach Lakes Boulevard where they say they found roaches on the cook line, four live roaches in the oven, and evidence of rodents.

The Consumer Watchdog went to the restaurant to give them an opportunity to respond. A woman unlocked the door and said they have a problem in the kitchen with cockroaches, but when asked if they still have them she said no.

The restaurant reopened the next day, but inspectors still found enough violations that they scheduled yet another follow-up visit.

Another Thai restaurant also had 56 violations when inspectors paid them a visit, but it was not shut down.

Peppermint Thai on Okeechobee Boulevard in Royal Palm Beach had 11 high priority violations including a stop sale on potentially hazardous food due to temperature abuse.

We called the restaurant to give them an opportunity to respond and a worker said they have fixed the issues and the inspector will be back in August and will not find any issues.


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