Social media now becoming acceptable at weddings

(CNN) - Traditional wedding etiquette is no longer traditional.

Social media is changing how couples are planning for the big day.

Wedding planner and author Abby Larson says twitter and are becoming a bride's best friend especially because it allows the bride to see all of the photos of the big day in one central location.

Larson says social media also helps with making big announcements, "When you are making big announcements like I got a ring or having a surprise engagement party you don't need to tell the whole world until you have told all of those people who are really close to you."

Larson suggests picking up the phone before posting anything - and filtering what you do share.

Once in planning mode, make friends with Pinterest to get your vision across with vendors.

And on the big day, include guests who couldn't attend in person by using an online chat service...

But Larson does have one warning, "You should really be present and listen to the beautiful vows that are being exchanged its really not a time to be having a conversation with 300 other people who aren't there."