Shop-a-holics share their deals and duds on YouTube

Haul videos gain in popularity

CLEVELAND - Shopping sprees gone viral!

More than 386,000 videos have been uploaded to YouTube highlighting the deals and duds shoppers are finding.

"I ended up paying $7 total for what's in this bag," thrift store shopper Stacey Thomas said on her YouTube channel.

Bagfuls of loot are displayed for the world to see, whether the goods came from Goodwill or a brand name business. Heather Light said on her YouTube channel, "Here is my bag of lotions. It's huge. It's busting at the seams."

It's a buy worth bragging about, and videos like this are becoming more popular. YouTube is full of shop-a-holics sharing their finds in what's called a "haul" video -- as in they hauled in a lot of goods at the store.

"It's this whole evolution toward broadcasting your shopping habits over the Internet," Thomas said.

Thomas focuses on thrift store finds. She not only brags about her deals on her YouTube Channel and blog, Goodwill Huntingg , she wears what she buys.

"I teach people the game of saving money and beating the designers," Thomas said.

Thomas and Light are bringing in goods from all over Northeast Ohio, but their audience is the world.

"Literally they are messaging you from Australia," Light said.

It's become such a world-wide event that advertisers are catching on.

"Some people do make money," Light said. "They get offers from companies to sponsor their products and review them. I would love to do that but I have to expand my audience."

Some girls broadcast to an audience of more than a million. Light's video views range from a few hundred to a few thousand, but with each video she's getting her name out there and sharing her shopping secrets too.

"Probably right around $30 for everything, and if I paid retail I was probably looking at over $70 for all these items here," Light said in one of her videos.

The videos don't always have a money saving theme to them, but they're a great resource if you're looking for an item and want someone else's opinion before you buy it.

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