Selling your old phone? How to get the most for your old cell before Christmas

Apple launched the 5s, and in a single month, sold 9 million cellphones.  Millions more will likely receive new cell phones Christmas Day, which means on Dec. 26 , everyone is going to try to sell theirs for some post-Christmas cash.

Casey Paris, owner of World Wide Cells, says now -- not after Christmas -- is a good time to cash in on your old cell phone.  But there are tactics to get the most for your money.

Don't take the first offer.  Get at least 3 quotes. Those who shop around could pocket an extra $50 or more.  Online try , and .

You can also go to any of the big-box stores, they all have trade in programs.  But you will likely make out better with do-it-yourself sites like eBay and Craigslist.  And keep in mind, if you sell local, you will get paid on the spot.

Right now, the iPhone 5 and 5s offer the biggest resale value, and then Android's Galaxy S4  is a close second, according to Paris.

The better the phone's condition, the more money it will fetch, meaning you should always carry it in a case.

But before selling any phone, be safe and empty it of all data.

To do this, go into settings where there is a reset option on every phone to clear the entire hard drive. If your phone has a memory card, you need to remove it on top of resetting the phone.

Now if you are posting an ad for your cell yourself, do your homework.  Get online and find out how much others are asking for the same model in the same condition as yours so you don't shortchange yourself.

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