School bus that caught fire on I-95 had to be repaired more than 20 times in school year alone

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - It’s not the first time the check engine light came on for the Palm Beach County school bus that caught fire Friday morning.

The bus that went up in flames on I-95 in Palm Beach Gardens had to be repaired 22 times this school year alone, NewsChannel5 research shows.

According to records obtained by NewsChannel5, the bus has been in service since 2006 and was inspected five times since January, twice for planned maintenance and three times for repairs, prior to this accident.

Inspection records indicate the most recent repair for body work took place in February, after the bus was involved in an accident.

Accident records obtained by NewsChannel5  show the same bus was involved in three accidents in the last year, on January 31st and prior to that in September and April.

The School District recently approved money to buy 100 new busses, because of its aging fleet, but this bus isn’t even close to being the district’s oldest as more than half of the District’s busses are older than the one that caught fire.

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