Roaches found at several restaurants in Fort Pierce; owners blame old building and rain

WEST PALM BEACH - You'll find every flavor to fit your taste buds from Thai to Italian in downtown Fort Pierce. Roaches are finding the foods appetizing too.

"I'm real upset about it," Lorenzo Romano said.

Romano owns Lorenzo's Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria, and is fired up state inspectors temporarily shut down his pizza shop.

"She came in with a flashlight. An inspector that turned into a bug lady," explained Romano.

The bugs were first found munching next door to Lorenzo's at Thai Pepper in February. They've now spread down the street too.

Rinelli's Yellow Tail was shut down just days after Lorenzo's.

"There is definitely a situation with the building that we are trying to correct. We've even spoken with the landlord," explained Don Rinelli.

However, other restaurants said it's their responsibility to do pest control and not the landlord.

"It is but we also have a ceiling that is adjoined throughout this whole building," explained Rinelli.

Yellow Tail said it's stepping up pest control, and throwing away boxes more quickly since roaches often come in delivery boxes. Both restaurant owners said roaches follow the food.

"If anyone in a restaurant tells you they don't have roaches they are lying through their face. Everyone has roaches," explained Romano.

Both restaurants were only temporarily closed, which is normal protocol.

An inspector found dead roaches at Lorenzo's again on Friday, but the state report also shows the pizza shop just had a pest control treatment the day before.

Romano said the roaches were old, dead ones under a table. The restaurant stayed open and will be re-inspected Tuesday.

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