Restaurants to receive letter to follow inspection sign rule

Dirty Dining Investigation found few signs posted

West Palm Beach, Fla. - Palm Beach County is sending out reminders to restaurants about a rule that most have not been following.

A 2006 ordinance required restaurants to post a sign on the door or window letting customers know that they can request to see the restaurant's latest inspection report.

But a recent Dirty Dining investigation found that few restaurants had the signs posted. Some restaurant owners and managers told us they weren't aware of the rule.

The county ordinance was passed as a way to make sure customers could know what inspectors are finding in the kitchens of restaurants. 

The inspection records detail if the restaurant has a rat or roach problem. It also shows if a restaurant has gotten in trouble for not serving food at the correct temperature and other safety and sanitation issues.

Palm Beach County is sending out nearly 4,000 letters this week. Customers should soon start seeing the signs in the windows.


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