Restaurants fined thousands of dollars for repeat problems in their kitchen

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - It's the Caribbean food that brings back customers to Giveness restaurant in Delray Beach, but it's their dirty kitchen that keeps me coming back.

"If you want to come here you have to make an appointment. Get out," explained a restaurant manager.

The restaurant had a thousand plus rodent droppings. They cost the restaurant $1,600.

"What are you doing about the rats that are running around here?" we asked.

"You look like a rat!" the manager said.

I'll keep ratting out restaurants that don't clean up their dirty kitchen like Saffron in West Palm Beach.

"It's all spotless and clean," explained the owner Mike Hussain.

The restaurant owner proudly showed me around last fall.

"We don't have any problems," he said.

The state found enough problems to fine the restaurant $1,400 recently. When I've called about fines in the past, the restaurant told me to stop bothering him. The state says the restaurant still owes money from an older fine. He's on a payment plan.

King's Super Buffet on Okeechobee Blvd was shut down last September.

The restaurant didn't clean up its kitchen after inspectors briefly shut them down. Months later those same inspectors were back three times for the same problems including potentially hazardous food and run-down equipment.

The state fined King's Super Buffet $1,800 for the repeat problems.

The restaurant said they replaced some of the kitchen equipment, and had a meeting to discuss the issues state inspectors kept finding.

Repeat problems also cost Hurricane Grill & Wings in Palm Beach Gardens $1,800. Our calls were not returned.

Golden Corral in Boynton Beach will have to pay $1,080. Management said there was an issue with the manager in charge, and he has been let go since. They said things slipped through the cracks, but they have been corrected now.

Nearly 60 restaurants were fined in recent months totaling over $28,000.

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