Publix 'Online Easy Pickup:' Publix offering online sub sandwich ordering from smartphones, computer

LAKELAND, Fla. -- Most of us have taken a number and placed an order at a Publix store deli.

If you can't stand lines and love your subs, Publix is starting a new way to get anything from their deli faster.

"Especially my wife, she doesn't want to wait. She's in a hurry all the time," said Sam Scilluffo of Lakeland.

"A lot of times you get into Publix and you tend to stand especially for fresh cut meats and cheese. It takes quite a bit of time," said shopper Meri Kenney.

Soon you'll be able to shop from your smart phone or computer.  Publix will also offer a designated location inside stores to place your order.  The service will be offered for free.

"Once they're on that site, they can customize their order tell us what kind of sub they want, tell us what kind of lunch meat and cheeses they want, specify a pick-up time," said Publix Spokesperson Shannon Patten.

The "Online Easy Pickup" launches about a month from now on August 3. Customers will be able to access the service at .

Publix will start with 50 stores and a handful of them will be in the Tampa Bay area. The first store to offer the service is located in the Southgate Shopping Center in Lakeland at 2515 S. Florida Avenue. The grocery chain hasn't released the official list of the other stores yet.

Publix tested a drive-thru pick-up service that started in August 2010 but nixed it after about a year and a half later in January 2012 when it wasn't popular.

A spokesperson says the online ordering will be a test too.

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