Publix coupons online: Supermarket chain to start using new, print-free digital coupon system

Publix Supermarkets is about to make couponing a lot easier thanks to the Internet.

The supermarket change is launching an online system that will start this week and will lets shoppers browse  hundreds of "higher-value coupons online," Tampa Bay Online reports .

Users can redeem the discounts automatically at the checkout lane without printing them out.

So how does it work exactly?

According to the Tampa Bay Online report, to use the new digital coupon system, shoppers sign up online at .

The Tampa Bay Online report states :

Once enrolled, they register their phone number for ID purposes, then scroll through digital coupons, then click which ones they want. The system stores that information virtually. (The system can email shoppers a reminder list of coupons clipped to use while walking the aisles.)

When shoppers reach the cashier, they enter their phone number in the keypad, and if shoppers ultimately put those items on the belt for checkout, the system automatically applies the discount to their total.

The digital coupon system will begin on March 15, but only in select Publix stores. The service will expand to more stores over time.

Stores in WPTV's coverage are will not be part of the initial batch of Publix stores to accept the coupons.

For more information and to see which stores will participate on March 15, click here.

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