Price is one factor to consider, but also look at networks and long term expenses on a plan

WEST PALM BEACH - While a government shutdown is looming, the President said the Health Insurance Marketplace will be open for business. Tomorrow, you can sign up for an account through and begin looking at the plans.

While the premium price may play a role in your decision, look beyond the sticker to make sure you're buying a good product that will be cost-effective long term.

Helen Brown should be in physical therapy to strengthen her leg, but she can't afford it without insurance.

"I've been in this boot for a year and four months and I probably should have been in it maybe seven months," said Helen Brown.

In a few months, Brown will be able to get insurance under the Affordable Care Act.

She's worked in human resources before, so she understands how insurance works, but she still worries about finding the right plan.

"People don't realize that when you pick a plan it's not just great, I have this plan. Now I have coverage. How are you going to use this plan? And if you get sick and you need certain services did you just count out physical therapy?" said Brown. 

Insurance broker, Joshua Dorman of Plastridge Insurance says there are big differences in coverage in the plans he's seen.

"If you live in Palm Beach County, some of the networks have a very small amount of hospitals in network such as three hospitals within the entire county", said Dorman. 

While some plans may be limited in coverage, you'll have options.

South Florida and Treasure Coast residents will have between 31 and 86 plan choices.

Make sure you find the one that fits your financial needs and covers the doctors you like to visit.

"The plan designs may look very similar, the co-pays may look very similar, but network and who's in network and what hospitals are in network may be drastically different", said Dorman.  

Brown hopes life with insurance will make a positive difference for her family, so she can begin getting the treatment she needs to heal.

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