'Pink slime' substance found in 70 percent of supermarket ground beef, ABC News reports

Pink Slime, a concoction of ground up left over animal bits, has developed a reputation as vile as the name sounds.

What might be more disturbing, however, is the fact that 70 percent of the ground beef in the supermarket contains this substance, according to an ABC News report.

An ingredient once only fed to the dogs has become a staple in our burger meat, former USFA scientist turned whistleblower, Gerald Zirnstein said.

Zirnstein is the man who dubbed the substance "pink slime", and said it's used as cheap filler that's treated with bleach to kill bacteria, so it's safe to consume.

Knowing what he knows, Zirnstein doesn't buy hamburger meat, but instead grounds up his own.

To read the entire ABC News story, click here: http://abcn.ws/ynpdxn

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