Pictures show buses packed with students and parents continue to express their outrage

PBC School District says year off to a good start

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. - "It's very dangerous," Duncan Middle School parent Debbie Canney said describing her daughter's overcrowded bus.

The complaints continue two weeks into the school year. The Palm Beach County School District said the school year is off to a good start and complaints are down this year compared to last August.

Parents whose kids are sitting three to a seat and in the aisle say enough is not being done fast enough.

"I was flabbergasted because if I put more than five people in my car, I'm going to get a ticket," Canney explained. "Maybe the police should be out here pulling them over."

NewsChannel 5 followed one of the overcrowded buses that we told the district about, and found changes are underway. Instead of picking up all the students, the route was split in half. We counted thirty students getting off the bus, and then 25 minutes later the bus returned to the middle school to pick up dozens of more students who had been waiting for a bus.

Parents want change faster, and say their students shouldn't have to wait for a bus.

"It should have been taken care of immediately," Canney explained.

Parents are upset that their calls to the district are not returned. We've let the district know about several overcrowded routes. The district said it's taking the following action:

-- C83 Slot 5 for Royal Palm Beach HS - Additional bus has been added and will be in service next week.

-- Boca Middle - It was determined that there were walkers riding the bus, and this has been resolved as of yesterday (Thursday).

-- Loggers Run - Problem resolved yesterday with additional drivers added to the route. Loggers run was operating at five buses today (Friday).

-- Boca High School - An additional bus was added and is currently in operation.

-- Bus #52 - Duncan Middle School – Palm Beach Gardens - An area transportation coordinator is evaluating the bus, and if needed, a second bus will be added and in-service by mid next week.

The district encourages people with questions to call 561-242-6565 or to go online .

It can take up to 48 hours for a situation to be addressed.

While the bus capacity is for three students to sit to a sit, the district understands that's not always possible with high school students. It says the buses are not over capacity, but may be overcrowded.

The pictures show students are sitting in the aisles which is against school district policy. Bus drivers are being reminded of procedures.

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