Photographers and makeup artists for Interface say they weren't paid for work done at studio

WEST PALM BEACH - Teens hoping to make it big, want refunds after a Boca Raton talent agency shut its doors. Since we shared their story earlier this week, our phone lines and email have been filled with other customers asking for help. Now, the talent behind the camera is coming forward because they say they were taken too.

With a push of a button, Aubrie Judka can focus in on snapshots that will make a splash.

"They felt like a movie star," Judka explained.

Judka took photos for local talent.

"The clients ranged from everywhere from newborns to older," explained Judka.

They signed on with the talent marketing company, Interface.

"When I was hired I was like wow!" Judka said.

A big break for a young photographer looking to start her business while helping young talent break into show business.

"You walk in to the studio and you see Interface. It looked amazing. They had pictures of hired people on the walls," explained Judka.

But, the glitz and glamor came to an abrupt end in May when photographers like Judka and makeup artists like Revital Sarkhovitch were told Interface was closing.

"It's a very big company. They have four other locations you wouldn't even imagine that they are going to close the doors in Boca," explained Sarkhovitch.

They worked that last weekend, and even the following one at a different studio.

"We thought oh good they are putting forth an effort to give these people what they paid for so yeah let's go help them out. It was good money we were getting paid good money per day," explained Judka.

The company promised to pay on voicemail, and in emails, but employees say that money hasn't showed up almost two months later.

"I am trying to be an up and coming business. I have a family to feed," explained Judka.

These workers say they know others who are owed money too adding up to over $13,000.

Another photographer had a check bounce.

"If they make a promise stand behind it," explained Sarkhovitch.

The Interface Executive Team responded to my requests for a statement late this afternoon saying, "We appreciate your inquiry. We are formulating a plan to address all outstanding issues and expect it to be put in place no later than the end of next week, at which time we will have more information."

The Attorney General continues to investigate, and has heard from more customers this week. It has 200 complaints, and wants to hear from you if you had an issue at 1-866 9-NO-SCAM or visit their website at .

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