Parents heated over broken bus air conditioning, but PBC district says problem getting better

District says 150 buses have no air conditioning

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Since the start of the school year, the Consumer Watchdog has exposed problems on Palm Beach County school buses. Overcrowding was the problem at the beginning of the school year. Now we are uncovering even bigger problems. One deals with the temperature on the bus.

Jessica and Mica think skating is one of the best ways to get around, especially compared to their school bus.

"One time it broke down but then it started moving," Mica said.

The girls may only be in elementary school, but they know there's something wrong on their bus. Often it's the air conditioning.

"The heat makes you want to take off your shirt," said Jessica.

As a nurse, Jessica's mom worries about her daughter's health and picks her up instead of letting her ride the bus in the afternoon.

"The kids are getting off the bus overheated and beet red," explained Erica Florea.

The district said just 150 of the buses don't have air conditioning, a small percentage of the district's 800 plus buses.

"I'll tell you from the beginning of the year our mechanics are doing a great job fixing the A/Cs and that number is down considerably," explained Steve Bonino, Chief of Support Operations.

Bonino said he hopes to have the remaining buses fixed by the end of the school year.

According to district records, one in four buses had air conditioning repairs this school year. An even higher number of buses broke down this year. What our investigation uncovered about those broken buses tonight at 11.

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