Owners of Lake Worth bagel shop fired up over temporary closure after inspectors found rodents

"Bagel &" on Hypoluxo blames landlord for pests

LAKE WORTH, Fla. - We got an earful at a Lake Worth restaurant after the state shut down the kitchen for what they found inside.

At "Bagels &" (6556 Hypoluxo Road) in Lake Worth you can get anything from breakfast to dessert.

"I would eat off my floors that's how clean it is," owner Nancy said.

A state inspector had a different opinion temporarily shutting down the restaurant because of  rodents.

"This is very upsetting to me and if you think I have a problem and don't take care of it you are out of your mind. That's what I do. We are in business to make money not hurt ourselves," explained Nancy.

The state inspected the kitchen after a customer complained that they got sick. That frustrated a waitress.

"It wouldn't have just been one person. One person would not have gotten sick," explained waitress Dana.

We pointed out that regardless the state still found rodents and a roach.

The waitress responded. "Did they? Did they physically see anything?" Dana questioned.

The waitress also disagreed with the state records.

"One dropping they found," Dana said.

State records show 20 droppings.

"One dropping they found which made them go up in the ceiling," Dana explained.

Inspectors said they found 20 droppings by a bagel slicer, 10 near dry storage shelves, and 5 to 10 on boards used to store bagels.

"Do you think I want to be in a place that has rodents or bugs? Come on!" explained Nancy.

The restaurant blames the issue on the landlord.

"They need to do what they need to do to fix the whole shopping center because they are out there," Nancy explained.

However, no other kitchens in the plaza were shut down.

"Good for them!" Nancy explained.

The restaurant is back open. The state Department of Health said they got no other complaints of people getting sick at the bagel shop, and they're not sure what caused the illness.

The next day, the state re-inspected the restaurant and found one basic violation.

Anytime the state gets a complaint like this they do an inspection, and in this case what they saw led to the temporary shutdown.

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