Nonprofit food banks are feeling the pinch at the pump

Rising gas prices sink nonprofit food banks

SAN JOSE, California - At a time when the demand for food is greater than ever, more people are turning to food banks for help.

The problem is, rising gas prices aren't just affecting your wallet, they're also squeezing cents out of nonprofits.

Second Harvest Food Bank feeds more than 250,000 people in California every month.

With 28 trucks in their fleet, they use fuel to get the food and more fuel to deliver it to the community.

The nonprofit has seen a 29 percent increase in fuel costs since December.

"The perfect storm with the rising fuel costs, rising food costs, rising needs. So you have that you know compounded affect on individuals that we're trying to serve in order to get food out to them," says Cynthia McCown of the Second Harvest Food Bank.

Second Harvest has been forced to raise an additional $5,000 dollars this fiscal year.

The nonprofit expects to see even more demand this summer, when children won't be able to eat subsidized meals at school.

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