Homeowner, movers at odds over who is at fault for damage to a house

Woman says damage happened while she was gone

PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla. - Carla Marchitello is settling in to her new home, but she can't forget the trouble she faced selling her old home.

"The house was move in ready," Marchitello explained of her old home.

Until the day she moved out using Progressive Relocation Systems.

"They caused about $6000 worth of damage," explained Marchitello.

It happened while Marchitello was at the bank getting more cash to pay the movers.

"You can see the chunks of wood just taken off," Marchitello said pointing to pictures of her dinged stairs. "I just hit the roof."

Marchitello grabbed her camera, her phone, and a pen and paper.

She said she called and asked for a claim form, and had a worker sign a note that acknowledged the damage.

"No matter what I gave them it wasn't sufficient for them," explained Marchitello. "It seems they had no intention of ever paying it."

Progressive Relocation Systems told the Consumer Watchdog that it doesn't feel responsible for the damaged floors. The company said an "idiot worker signed the note." That worker is no longer with the company.

"I'm still in shock over the fact that I thought I was doing the right thing," explained Marchitello.

Before you hire a mover, make sure they have a license. According to Broward County, this company is not licensed.

Also, consider insurance. If your goods are damaged you will only get reimbursed based on the weight and not the value. Often it's a fraction of the true cost of that item.

If you move across state lines, research the company with the Department of Transportation at Protect Your Move.

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