Meat prices skyrocketing so we test the beef to see if what's on the label is what's on your table

State spot checks ground beef at grocery stores

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Burgers are on the menu for many Fourth of July cookouts. Some shoppers are experiencing sticker shock when they pick up their favorite cuts from the grocery store.

"I prefer fresh over frozen," griller Rex Null said.

He said the prices have him grabbing frozen burgers.

"The price of fresh was kind of expensive," Null explained.

Ground beef is up nearly fifty cents a pound since last year. So, we put it to the test to make sure what's on the label is the same fat content as the meat on your table.

"It's definitely a concern because as a consumer you want to make sure you are getting what you pay for," explained shopping blogger Christie Hardcastle. "If you are setting aside extra money in your budget to purchase that leaner meat you want to make sure you are actually getting it."

Meat labels are allowed to vary by federal law. The USDA allows 20 percent variation, and the state allows 30 percent. The state spot checks five samples from grocery stores each week.

"If it says 85/15 then that's what it should be," explained Null.

Our testing found some variations that are outside federal guidelines.

Tonight on NewsChannel 5 at 11, we're revealing what we found and where.

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