Loxahatchee woman orders gift for boyfriend online but receives 12 chairs and vanity set instead

Woman left with no table to go with her patio set

LOXAHATCHEE, Fla. - Amanda Trainor likes to relax on her screened in back porch, but she only has one chair.

“I ordered a patio set, four chairs and a table for my boyfriend’s birthday,” said Trainor. 

An order arrived for his birthday, but the box contained a random vanity set.

“It was white, shiny, giant, not what I ordered,” said Trainor. 

Four chairs arrived a few days later, but the table never showed up.

For over a month, Trainor called Walmart and ended up with 12 chairs and a vanity set, but still not table. Fed up with the heavy boxes that piled up, Trainor sent them all back in November. 

“Then I waited for my refund from Walmart and it never came,” said Trainor.

Walmart only refunded half her money. After three months of phone calls and emails, Trainor called the Consumer Watchdog.

“I work hard for my money and I think I should get it back.  I deserve it back.  I did what I was supposed to do.  It was their job to serve me,” said Trainor. 

After the Consumer Watchdog made calls to walmart.com , Trainor got her money back and an e-gift card for all her troubles.

When you have a problem with the company, keep good records. Trainor had pictures, emails, and receipts from UPS proving the items were sent back to Walmart. The retailer thanked the Consumer Watchdog for bringing this to their attention and took action immediately.

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