Looking good: the best bang for your buck in anti aging products, procedures

Most women, no matter their age, would like to look younger.

Well known dermatologist  Dr. Ken Beer of West Palm Beach says although we've accepted aging, most of us want to look our best no matter how old we are.  

It turns out, there are "tailor-made" procedures and treatments for women in every age group.


If you're between the ages of 25-35, your best bet is over the counter products that have Vitamin C in them or Retinol. 

If you can spend more money, an office procedure such as a laser treatment can be beneficial. Some injections, such as Botox, can be used to relax wrinkles. Dr. Beer suggests staying away from products with acid in them if you're in this age group.


if you're 35-45, Dr. Beer suggests products such as a brightening serum, eye sculpting gels and specialty over  the counter products. It's also the age, Beer says, where scaffolding in the face breaks down, and injections can be used. He suggests lip injections as a quick, youthful fix for this age group He says that lips recede and it's one of the cardinal signs of aging.


Over 45?  Between 45 and 55, explore an entire array of injections, such as Botox, Restylyne, Juvaderm, Dysport and more.

If you are looking for over the counter products, Dr. Beer say Vitamin C products are also beneficial.

Dr. Beer adds that many over the counter products that are under 20 dollars today are better than 100 dollar products from just 5 years ago.  Doctor Beer also says eating well, exercising and staying out of the sun helps to maintain youthfulness.


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