Legal Aid says don't ignore letters or calls to verify your information used to get insurance

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Watch your mail closely if you have an insurance plan through the health insurance marketplace. If you don't respond to the government, your policy could be canceled.

The government is still trying to verify personal information like your income or immigration status for customers who bought insurance plans through the marketplace. The Legal Aid Society said the request for information is confusing and concerning for applicants.

"People think for the most part that maybe this is a scam. Someone is trying to get their identity and many of them are ignoring them," said Vicki Tucci a health care navigator at Legal Aid.

Legal Aid said some people are ignoring the phone calls and letters because they already gave the government the information they want again.

If you ignore the requests your insurance may be canceled and you may lose your tax credit which reduces your premium payment.

And you only have 30 days to get the government the documents they want.

"The two ways you can respond are to upload or mail in the documentation. Unfortunately, the upload feature doesn't seem to be working regularly so then people need to mail in the original information with their barcode or application ID and legal name on every document," explained Tucci.

Legal Aid suggests you mail your documents certified so you have proof they were received just in case your insurance is canceled.

Just last month, the Inspector General found there were not enough controls in place to verify applicant information like your Social Security number.

The audit found that fraudulent or inaccurate information could have been used to get insurance and a tax break.

The government setup a series of FAQs on this issue including details on how to resolve an inconsistency with your application and one on what to do if the Marketplace needs more info from you .

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