Inspector spots 34 live roaches at Boca Raton Panera Bread and shuts it down for a day

Pipe malfunction brings roaches inside restaurant

BOCA RATON, Fla. - The Consumer Watchdog didn’t even get to the door of the Panera Bread on State Road 7 in Boca Raton before an employee came running out with a statement.

The restaurant was recently shut down after an inspector found 34 live roaches. The majority of them were behind the ovens.  They were also near the bread prepping table in the back room and the front counter by the soup and egg station.  Inspectors temporarily closed the place until the problem was fixed. 

A spokeswoman told us they were expecting a visit from the Consumer Watchdog, and that it’s corporate policy not to allow the media on the property.

“Well I’m just here to represent the company.  The problem was actually due to a pipe malfunction which caused a hole in one of our interior walls.  Senior management stepped in and solved the problem immediately and everything is good to go,” explained Dena Chislak, a spokeswoman for Panera Bread.

We spoke with a customer who was surprised by the news.

“That is absolutely disgusting.  Especially the fact that people come to eat here.  You don’t know what’s going to be in the food,” said Melissa Then.

Panera Bread described the issue as a “fluke” and issued this statement:

     The safety and cleanliness of our restaurants are the most important part of our business.  Our restaurants have a reputation as being the cleanest of all restaurants, typically exceeding standards for health inspections.  This location has passed all of its inspections, including the most recent inspection just a few weeks ago.  Unfortunately, a fluke malfunction with one of the pipes caused a small hole in one of the interior walls of the building causing the current issue.  Immediately upon discovering that there was an issue, senior company management oversaw the resolution of all of the pending issues including patching of the wall.  The restaurant passed inspection the next day without any issues.  While isolated incidents unfortunately do happen, our guests can be assured our food is safe and of the highest quality and that we are committed to upholding the highest standards. 


Café Palm Isles, 9545 Palm Isles Drive in Boynton Beach, and Mulligan’s Beach House, 806 Indian River Drive, Sebastian, had 22 violations last week, the most of any inspected in our area.

We reached out to management at Café Palm Isles, but received no response.

Mulligan’s Beach House said they never had problems before and everything has been corrected.  They released the following statement:

     Thank you for taking the time to read our response to the health inspection we received in our Sebastian location.  We do our best to serve the public only the freshest of food in a very clean environment.  We have been in business since 1997 and have always done extremely well with all of our health inspections.  Unfortunately with this last inspection in Sebastian we fell a little short with some of the areas.  However, most everything was able to be fixed very quickly on site while the health inspector was still there.  We need to rely on certain equipment and vendors in our business to always perform properly and once in this case they failed us in a few areas.  Please understand that Mulligan’s Beach House does work very hard to maintain higher standards that what is expected from us by the state and normally we succeed with this.  We will continue to work hard at meeting and surpassing these expectations to serve our customers only the best quality of food. 

Cabo Flats, 14851 Lyons Road Suite 122, Delray Beach, had a total of 21 violations.  A spokesman said everything is under control and was handled within 24 hours.  They issued the following statement:

     Thank you for your time and for the opportunity to respond to your story.  We truly appreciate reports like these from the health department.  The efforts of these agencies help all restaurants ensure that we are delivering the highest quality food and service to our guests. Once our Delray Beach location was notified of the items that needed to be resolved, our team immediately took action to correct most of them on-site during the visit and every single item was resolved within 24 hours.  Since that time, we have received a report of compliance from the health inspector and we have been commended on our swift action.  Moving forward, our staff and management fully understand the expectations that we must meet to uphold the standards that our guests have come to know and love. We look forward to continuing to be the premier destination where guests “Come to Eat, Stay to Party.” Once again thank you for your time and please feel free to contact me at any time with any further questions, comments or concerns.  



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