Ignition switch recall last straw for GM customer

Driver has experienced three GM recalls since 2010

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Valerie Savage has been a customer of General Motor since the 1980s, but after the last recall, she said she no longer trusts the company.

Savage’s car has been recalled three times since 2010.

The first recall concerned head protection impact. The second dealt with power steering.

Valerie said the power steering went out while she was driving and it nearly caused an accident.

“I had to really put every bit of strength I had in my arms to get it off the road,” said Savage.

Now she joins millions of other drivers dealing with the latest recall of a faulty ignition switch.

She got the recall notice last week.

Savage said, “They’re telling me until all the parts come in, that I am to take everything off and only have the key in there because that’s how dangerous it is.”

She plans to join a class-action lawsuit, hoping manufacturers will take note.

“I’m hoping it will save lives, that’s the bottom line.”

Savage has to wait for the part to come in to fix her car, but the dealership has not told her how long it will take.

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