Honda Odyssey minivans recalled: New parts won't be available until 2014

 TAMPA, Fla. - Ana Ventura relies on her 2007 Honda Odyssey and until Monday morning, she trusted her car to keep her children, 7-year-old Andreas and 5-year-old Sophia, safe.

"It is crazy that it has taken them this much time," said Ventura.

She is frustrated after learning not only is there a recall issued for a sensor on her car, she learned about it nearly seven years after she bought it.

"It is very scary."

But a new sensor won't be ready until Spring of 2014. Ventura said that's not okay.

"Of course not, I have two kids, it's never ok when it is something with your brakes that is your life," said Ventura.

Honda insist the vans, 344,000 of them made in 2007 and 2008, are safe to drive. Automakers noticed the issue after more than 100 complaints over the years involving a problem with the sensor causing the vehicle to brake on its own.

The sensor needs to be replaced. The problem is, there aren't any.

Production is already underway to produce new ones, but that takes time.

For now, they want people to follow driving guidelines on its website.

"We take this very seriously. It is a rare phenomenon. We have not had any accidents or injuries. We are just trying to get ahead of it," said Honda spokesperson Chris Martin.

Our sister station tried talking to local dealers, but they referred it to the corporate office.

Ventura does not want to rely on the Honda driving guidelines, and waiting until 2014 doesn't seem to be good option either.

"There is nothing more important than my kids and my life and my husband, Justin. It is ... people that you are putting in jeopardy," said Ventura.

Ventura said rather than waiting for a new sensor, she'll probably get a new car.

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