Honda Fit, car built specifically for women, takes personalization to a new level in Japan

The consumer spoke, Honda says it listened.

Currently on the market is Honda's newest product, a new version of the Honda Fit, aimed at a specific slice of their clientele -- women.

Besides being pretty in pink, there are other qualities that Honda says make this vehicle the personalized preference of women in Japan.

It's the latest marketing ploy in car-crazed Japan. A car made specifically for women. The color, an almost too predictable, pink.

"Female drivers told us they were concerned about the summer sun, as well as getting dry skin from the air conditioning," said the car's designer Eri Tomonari.

According to the carmaker, the windshield cuts 99% of the UV rays, and the "plasma cluster" AC won't leave you with cracked hands. There are also subtle tweaks, like pink features on the dashboard and pink stitching in the seats.

If you don't like pink, there's also black, brown or white. That, in the words of one Honda executive, speaking to a Japanese newspaper, can match a woman's eye shadow.

Yes, some women might find this all offensive, condescending, sexist, a step backwards perhaps.

But Tomonari says everybody's taste is different, but many women in Japan love something cute.

One woman, from Mexico, voiced concerns. "It doesn't bother me, but maybe it's a little bit sexist?" she said.

And yes, this has been tried before.

The Dodge Femme from the 1950's lasted only a few short years. Ford's Windstar "Solutions" minivan, complete with microwave and washing machine, never made it past the concept stage.

But as for the sales with this latest effort in Japan, Honda says, so far, the Fit is exceeding their sales expectations.

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