Holiday shopping 2012 tips: Best & worst days to shop in December

So you didn't find everything you need on Black Friday or Cyber Monday? Don't sweat it.

We have good news: You still have plenty of time to grab a deal at and on some dates you may find even lower prices than on Black Friday.

The money website has just released a calendar showing 2012's best and worst days for holiday shopping.

Using data from the past several shopping seasons, it found trends as to when the biggest markdowns hit.

Best Days for Electronics

It says for TVs and electronics, shop Dec. 14 to 17 for the lowest prices. Immediately after Black Friday, and those Black Friday big markdowns, it found that TV prices typically go up for a couple of weeks.

Best Days for Clothing

For clothing, it says shop Dec. 17 until Christmas Eve. That's when stores start slashing prices of sleepwear, slippers, scarves and sweaters. They don't want to be stuck with it in January.

Best Days for Toys

But for toys, it says shop earlier: From now until Dec. 7 are when you'll find the lowest toy prices.

One reason to shop sooner rather than later for toys: Many of the hottest toys will be in short supply the week before Christmas. You won't find a great deal on the LEGO Ninjago set every kid wants, if there are none in stock.

Best Days for Jewelry

It says Dec. 15 through 22 bring the lowest jewelry prices, with a spike just before Christmas Eve, which is when many husbands rush out to buy jewelry.

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That way you don't waste your money.

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