Halloween: Find a costume without breaking your budget

(SNN) Time is running out to find that perfect costume in time for the next Halloween party.

Some people are turning to thrift shops to dress up and save at the same time.

Kellie Forbes is on the hunt for the perfect Halloween costume.

"I'm looking for something that doesn't come with a hefty price tag," said Forbes.

And she's sure they'll be something in her budget at a goodwill thrift store.

"I'm going to be a zombie country girl. I do a haunted backyard every year and so I kind of get ideas," Forbes said.

Forbes and others are choosing thrift shops to be creative and cost-efficient for Halloween.

We came here with $30, looking for a cowboy costume that keeps us under budget. We found boots for $12 and a western shirt for just under $5.

It takes some hunting around which we found for $4.99.

The grand total for the cowboy costume was $28.42.

Courtesy: NBC News Channel